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Our Greatest Gift to Our Clients

Scott's Column

Ouzel Lake in the Wild Basin area of Rocky Mountain National Park is a peaceful place. Especially on an early Fall morning after the first snowfall.

My wife and I reached it on an icy trail surrounded by waterfalls and beautiful views of the rugged mountains that define the edges of the Wild Basin.

After the first mile we were alone and ascended swiftly to the frozen lake. We brushed snow off two rocks on the shoreline and sat wordlessly in the sunshine listening to the birds and the breeze rustling in the golden leaves.

On our descent I was struck by the contrast between those treasured moments of solitude at the lake and the work-a-day world we dwell in during the week.

The financial services industry is like a giant, cacophonous bazaar inhabited by noisy merchants and daft fortune tellers.

The merchants cloak their pitches in stories about “adding value” and providing “solutions.” Regardless of what ails you, they can reach into their pockets and find a remedy.

The fortune tellers babble on, accountable to no one. They promise crystal clarity but deliver fog and dead ends. They love nothing more than the sound of their own voices.

Our job is not to see the future or time our way through the markets. Sometimes markets are volatile and scary.

Our job is to provide a solid foundation that will allow our clients to weather the volatile times and help them screen out the merchants and fortune tellers.

A sense of peace and well-being is the greatest gift we can give our clients.