At First Ascent, we are portfolio management specialists.

Our talented team of investment professionals provides portfolio management expertise, resources, and support to financial advisors.

We offer multiple strategies at different risk levels for financial advisors to utilize on behalf of their clients. All of First Ascent’s portfolios are globally diversified and built for long-term investors.

In managing portfolios, some of our key services include:

  • Selection of asset classes and determination of allocation targets
  • Research and identification of investment vehicles for use in constructing portfolios
  • Ongoing monitoring of current positions and capital market conditions
  • Management of tax-sensitive versions of each of our portfolios
  • Determination and implementation of rebalancing strategy
  • Access to potentially lower-cost share classes and restricted funds
  • Prospective client account reviews and analysis
  • Account transition review and support

We place special emphasis on clear, concise, and timely communication of our investment decisions using a variety of tools including:

  • White papers and reports
  • Videos
  • Conference calls
  • One-on-one discussions


Client Service and Operations

We value the relationships we have with the financial advisors we work with. We want to help them spend more time on the relationships they have with their clients. We do this by applying our experience to reduce their administrative burdens.

We accomplish this by providing hands-on service and by streamlining and digitizing processes from account opening through daily administration.

As partners to financial advisors, here are some of the services we offer:

  • Paperless account opening
  • Trading
  • Billing
  • Transfers in-kind
  • Holding of legacy assets
  • Reoccurring distributions
  • Performance reporting
  • Advisor and client online account access
  • Advisor branding

We are always willing to look at how we can step-in with any other operational needs. Give us a call or send us an email to see how we can help.

Customized Solutions

First Ascent considers opportunities for custom engagements on a case-by-case basis. We can apply our expertise to fulfill a variety of needs for the advisors who work with us.

Examples include:

  • Custom portfolio design and implementation
  • Subadvisory services
  • Transition assistance
  • Research support

401(k) Resource

Our 401(k) Resource program provides advisors with a simple and elegant solution to retirement planning.

Our unique flat-fee pricing model also provides a unique benefit for plan sponsors to reduce fees as plans grow.

First Ascent acts as an independent investment advisor and fiduciary as defined by ERISA sections 3(38) and 3(21). Under these delegations, we invest and manage the plan assets and provide plan sponsors with a range of options, including model portfolios and a comprehensive lineup of low cost funds.

Our preferred record keeping and TPA partners make the proposal process easy by providing bundled, high-touch service, and cost efficient solutions for advisors and plan sponsors.

For more information contact our team or request a proposal below.

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