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The “Brilliance” of Simplicity

Investment Management

At First Ascent, we like to say our portfolios are “elegantly simple.”

Our Global Explorer portfolios are designed to provide the low-cost access to broad global securities markets, with the inclusion of several high conviction, unique strategies for increased diversification, alpha potential, and/or downside protection. We don’t add positions to our portfolios just for complexity’s sake.

And our low-cost, transparent flat-fee schedule adds an additional layer of value to clients because they know what they will be paying for investment management ahead of time, regardless of what markets do or what their account size grows to.
As it turns out, we aren’t the only ones who support this simple, transparent approach to portfolio management.

Check out the article below to see more reasons why Allen S. Roth, a Financial Planning contributing writer and founder of the planning firm Wealth Logic, says “ultralow fees with the highest diversification is simply brilliant.”