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Marisa Viterbo

Advisor Consultant

What I do here:

I work on the Advisor Consulting team as an Advisor Consultant, so my job is to help you run your business more efficiently so that you have more time to do the things that you love.

Why I love my job:

I love helping people find solutions to the challenges they face every day, especially the ones that seem particularly daunting or unattainable (I’m highly competitive that way!). It’s in my nature to connect with others and find common ground, share stories, and learn from others, so I am very grateful I get to do that every day here at First Ascent.

Work History:

I started out in insurance, working as an underwriter and producer. From there, I moved to an Advisor Development Consultant, helping advisors and other professionals in the financial services industry utilize and implement various marketing techniques.


BA, Political Science, Arizona State University
MS, Professional Counseling, Grand Canyon University

Where I come from:

I am from Stamford, Connecticut originally, but I am first generation Italian American, so part of my heart is in Italy, as well.

A little personal:

I am equal parts extrovert and introvert, so I love connecting with people and sharing experiences with family and friends, but I also enjoy being on my own to study history, learn a new skill, or explore nature. I love Italian club soccer (Go Inter!), hiking, camping, cooking, volunteering with my church neighborhood group, and playing guitar.