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Market Timing May Be Hazardous to Your Portfolio's Health

A clear and concise explanation:

  • Hard facts about the futility of market timing
  • Why market timing is impossibly difficult
  • Evidence of timing’s negative consequences
  • How to ensure long-term investment success
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Fees and Expenses: Do They Really Matter?

Help your clients:

  • Understand the different fees that are charged
  • Learn for themselves how fees add up
  • See how low-cost can affect performance

The Benefits of Diversification: And How to Achieve Them

Help your clients:

  • Understand what diversification is and why it’s important
  • Learn how the process of diversification benefits them
  • See how a diversified portfolio can be tailored to their needs

Gaining an Edge: Understanding Factors

Help your clients:

  • Understand what factors are and the research behind them
  • Learn about the performance edge factors have provided
  • See how factors can be used in a portfolio to benefit them

Global Diversification: A World Full of Opportunities

Help your clients:

  • Understand the opportunities offered by the global markets
  • Learn how global markets complement one another
  • See how global markets benefit long-term investors

Growth and Value: Understanding Investment Styles

Help your clients:

  • Understand the difference between growth and value stocks
  • Learn the rationale for diversifying among growth and value
  • See how growth and value have performed through the years

Small, Mid, and Large: Understanding Market Capitalization

Help your clients:

  • Understand how market capitalization is determined
  • Learn how the performance of different market caps varies
  • See the benefits of diversifying among market caps

10 Facts Clients Need to Know to Achieve Investment Success

Help your clients:

  • Understand how important their behavior is to success in investing 
  • Learn the best ways to prepare for the ups and downs of investing
  • See how important it is to stay invested in their portfolios

So You Want to Do It Yourself?

Help your clients:

  • Understand the complexity of building and managing even “elegantly simple” portfolios. 
  • Learn how easy it is to underestimate the difficulty and ongoing work involved in portfolio management.
  • See how many important decisions are involved and how a skilled manager can have a positive impact on their portfolio.

You Have Control Over Your Own Investment Success

Help your clients:

  • Understand what causes investors to abandon their strategies 
  • Learn why abandoning a portfolio in the face of bad news is a mistake
  • See how their behavior own will determine their investment success

Understanding ETFs

Help your clients:

  • Understand ETFs and how they work
  • Learn how ETFs can be used in their portfolio
  • See how ETFs can help them reach their long-term financial goals

Why Investing in US and International Stocks Still Makes Sense

Help your clients:

  • Understand how US and International markets are priced relative to each other
  • Learn what factors can affect international markets
  • See how holding international stocks can benefit their portfolio

How You Benefit From Tax Loss Harvesting

Help your clients:

  • Understand what tax loss harvesting is and issues to keep in mind
  • Learn how they can benefit from tax loss harvesting
  • See examples of how tax loss harvesting works

Understanding Rebalancing and Its Benefits

Help your clients:

  • Understand what rebalancing means
  • Learn how it works and why it is used
  • See how rebalancing can benefit their portfolio

The Glitter of Gold

Help your clients:

  • Understand the value and uses of gold throughout history
  • Learn how gold compares to other investments
  • See how gold can affect a portfolio

Understanding Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities (TIPS)

Help your clients:

  • Understand what TIPS are
  • Learn the advantages and disadvantages
  • See examples of TIPS vs. other securites

Understanding Concentration Risk

Help your clients:

  • Understand the different kinds of risk
  • Learn the risks of concentrated positions
  • See examples of the research

Total Return vs Income Investing

Help your clients:

  • Understand how each approach has evolved over time
  • Learn the economics of dividends and distributions
  • See data and examples of how each approach can affect assets

Short, Intermediate or Long-Term Fixed Income

Help your clients:

  • Understand the performance of different term bonds
  • Learn how volatility can change
  • See how each can affect portfolios

Understanding Inflation

Help your clients:

  • Understand what inflation is and some of the causes
  • Learn about different inflation regimes throughout history
  • See how different investments fare in inflationary environments

Tax Alpha

Help your clients:

  • Understand what tax alpha is.
  • Learn about tax alpha is calculated.
  • See how tax alpha can affect portfolios.

Tracking Error

Help your clients:

  • Understand what tracking error is.
  • Learn about how tracking error is measured.
  • See how tracking error can affect performance.

Is News of the 60/40 Portfolio’s Death Greatly Exaggerated?

Help your clients:

  • Understand how a 60/40 portfolio works.
  • Learn the advantages of and the disadvantages.
  • See how it compares to other portfolios.

Understanding Direct Indexing

Help your clients:

  • Understand what direct indexing is.
  • Learn how it is utilized and why.
  • See some of the side effects to consider.

Why Investing Based on Past Performance is a Terrible Idea

Help your clients:

  • Understand the evidence in the markets.
  • Learn how stock performance can change from year to year.
  • See various examples from actual market performance.



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