Opinion: “Fiduciary”—An Attitude, Not a Law

Both the DOL and the SEC turned a concept that is simple enough to be captured in a fortune cookie into an indecipherable instruction manual. It’s time to re-simplify what a fiduciary is.

Courtesy as a Competitive Advantage

Unreturned phone calls and emails, not portfolio performance, are the top reasons clients fire their financial advisors, according to research.

Five Ideas to Emphasize Your Humanness

In an ever-changing world filled with new technology and tools, there are some things that a robot will never be able to do. Find out how to navigate the future to position you and your practice for success.

Ignore the Gurus, Part II

The annual tsunami of prognostications about how the stock market and the economy will perform in 2018 was beginning to slow. Then the stock market had a major hiccup and the punditry scrambled back to its soap boxes to give us another dose.