Understanding Direct Indexing

Direct indexing portfolios are broadly diversified portfolios of individual stocks that are personalized to meet the needs, values, and preferences of an investor.

Helping Clients Understand Inflation

Experts disagree about whether the current rise in inflation is temporary or will be with us for an extended period. Either way, your clients have questions that need answers.

Ignore the Gurus and Educate Your Clients

It’s guru season again. Every year we drown in predictions from the so-called gurus about how the markets and the economy will perform in the coming year.

The Ticking TAMP Timebomb

Soon – within the next two years – the SEC will wake up and start holding financial advisors who use TAMPs to the same fiduciary standards they hold them to in selecting mutual funds, ETFs, and other investment products. When it does, many advisors will be in trouble.

When You Buy Cryptocurrency, You Own Nothing

Cryptocurrency is being repositioned to be more palatable to financial advisors and their clients. If you believe it is in your clients’ best interest to make an allocation to cryptocurrency, make sure they understand the nature of the asset they are buying.

Let’s Bury the Term TAMP

It’s time to toss the TAMP term. It has served its purpose and is ready to be superseded by terminology that is more descriptive, has more practical utility, and is not misleading.

The Value of Values

Before you can determine if Bitcoin, Big Data or any other prepackaged, recipe-for-success advice is right for your firm, you need to get in touch with your values.

The Corona Virus Broke the Weighing Machine

COVID-19 triggered a rapidly unfolding story of human tragedy and economic devastation. It also unleashed a disturbing volume of content masquerading as objective analysis. Much of it is just a smoke screen to advance personal and corporate agendas. My inbox, clutter and junk files are full of thinly veiled attempts to gain from, or capitalize … Read More