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It’s all over the headlines. The value is going crazy and everyone is wondering about it.  Bitcoin alone has gone from roughly $1,000 at the beginning of the year to $19,000.  A meteoric rise. Bitcoin’s success has spawned other “cryptoassets.”  You can now buy Ethereum, Litecoin, or any of 1,000 other cryptocoins.  Together they have … Read More

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We recently came across a blog post that Jason Zweig of the Wall Street Journal wrote about 19 questions clients should ask their advisor. As I read through the article, it seems to me that the one concern driving many of the questions is: How do I know I can place my trust in you? … Read More

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Do you want to differentiate your firm from the competition, while adding value to your client relationships?  Focus attention on an area that is ignored by most advisors: client profiling. Because few advisors even think of this as an area where they might add value, it presents you with a great opportunity to stand out … Read More

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