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There’s a growing gap between what we know and what we feel.  We know that avoiding panic and staying in place is the best strategy during turbulent markets.  History shows that patient investors are always rewarded, and market timing is a futile exercise. Yet our emotions tell us it’s time to do something.  This excellent … Read More

Scott's Column

TAMP users beware!  There is a disturbing trend in our industry that may get you in trouble with the regulators if you’re not careful. Everything Was Fine Until… It all started innocently enough.  In the “early days” (early 1990s) there weren’t many TAMPs, and their investment offerings were quite different.  Advisors chose which TAMP they … Read More

Scott's Column

Given the market activity we have experienced recently, we thought it would be a good opportunity to share our views and hopefully provide a little useful perspective and insight. In short, we really view this as a natural and probably necessary pullback in the markets. Through September 30th, US stocks were up more than 17% … Read More

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