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Announcing Our New Master Class Program

Scott's Column

We are very excited to announce the launch of our new Master Class program. It is a monthly webinar series designed to give you access to industry experts who can help you:

  • Run your business more efficiently
  • Grow your business more effectively
  • Add more value to your client relationships
  • Position yourself for success as our industry evolves

Some of our experts will expose you to new ideas that can give you an edge as you position your business for the future. Others will provide practical, how-to advice on topics that will help you stand out in this increasingly competitive world. All of them will share their knowledge and experience in areas that are highly relevant to you.

The first Master Class will take place on September 6th and will be led by Deborah Fox, Founder and CEO of the Fox Financial Planning Network (FFPN). Deborah will provide insights on how to prepare your clients for changes in the investing seasons so they remain clients for life.

Then on September 21st Tina Powell, Founder and CEO of C-Suite Social Media, will provide practical ideas on how you can use social media to develop a two-way conversation with clients that informs, educates and builds instant connections.

In October (date to be determined), Shachar Kariv Ph. D., the Benjamin N. Ward Professor of Economics at UC Berkeley, will present his break-through research on client decision-making and offer practical insights into how to better profile clients through “revealed preferences.”

Here is a sampling of other experts lined up for future Master Classes:

Morrison Shafroth of Momentum FiConn will share simple secrets about how to build your business through the effective use of public relations.

Frank Murtha Ph. D. of Market Psych Insights will share his research and some practical approaches to discovering your clients’ true investor identities.

Ammon Brown of Everplans will offer introduce you to an excellent way to add value by preparing clients and their families for end-of-life transitions.

Chad Hamilton, a financial advisor from our home State of Colorado, will introduce you to a powerful tool he developed that quickly demonstrates an advisor’s value to clients.

Ben Sullivan, First Ascent’s Director of Communication, will share his expertise in film making and offer insights into how to use video to build your business and deepen client relationships.

We will continue to add experts to the lineup and introduce you to new ideas, products and services that we believe can help you build a strong, competitive business for the future. All program presenters are selected solely based on our opinion that their messages will be of value to you. No pay-to-play!

To see more details about the program and the backgrounds of the presenters, please visit the Master Class Schedule.

Again, we invite you to join our September sessions with Deborah Fox and Tina Powell. I know and have worked with both of these women and can guarantee that you will be greatly rewarded by attending their sessions.