Our Mission

  • To start and end every conversation by asking, “What is best for clients?”
  • To build and manage the best possible portfolios for long-term investors.
  • To create clear, concise educational material to help clients become better investors.
  • To structure and manage our firm with the goal of keeping fees and expenses low.
  • To support the needs of advisors with a talented, dedicated group of professionals.

Our Purpose

We aspire to create a corner of the world where clients truly do come first. Most investment firms say they care about their clients, but actions speak louder than words. Many seem more focused on themselves than on helping clients reach their goals. We think there’s a better way.

It starts with maintaining a culture of investment excellence. We’ve assembled a highly skilled and experienced team of professionals whose sole focus is supporting financial advisors and managing portfolios tailored to their clients’ needs. We even established an independent, outside investment committee to work with our internal investment professionals to bring new perspectives, added objectivity, and additional expertise.

Maintaining our independence and objectivity is important. We don’t use proprietary products in our portfolios or accept payments from the firms whose products we do use. We control our own destiny and are not beholden to anyone whose interests conflict with those of our clients.

Investor behavior determines investment success. We offer multi-media educational material designed to help clients become better investors. Investor education is so important we make our material available to everyone.  Visit our Knowledge Center.

Keeping fees low helps clients reach their goals faster. We have intentionally structured our firm so our costs are low and clients get to share in the efficiency we gain through technology. Our flat-fee pricing is simple and very transparent. Clients know at the beginning of each year what they’re going to pay and the fee never changes, no matter how large the account becomes.

We are united in a common mission—helping the clients of financial advisors reach their long-term goals. Our formula for accomplishing this is excellence, objectivity, investor education, low fees, and an experienced team. We don’t expect to change the world—just a little corner of it.

Independent, Outside Investment Committee Members

Mary Kathryn Campion, Ph.D., CFA, AIFA. President and Founder, Champion Capital Research. Dr. Campion has decades of experience as a financial economist and portfolio strategist.

Geoff Selzer, CFA. Geoff has 18 years of financial services industry experience. He served as a Senior Vice President at Envestnet/PMC and as Director of Consulting Services at Prima Capital.

Shane Morrow, CFP®, CIMA, CAIA, CFA Level II candidate. Shane has 12 years of financial services industry experience. He is Managing Partner of IronBridge Wealth Counsel.

Merrill Stillwell, CFA. Managing Partner, Blue Mountain Investments. Before founding Blue Mountain Investments, Merrill was an analyst at Denver Investments from 2010-2014.

Our Partner Firms

We would like to thank the following firms for their contributions to First Ascent and for their ongoing support:

Adhesion Wealth Advisor Solutions
Fiduciary Shield, by BidMoni
Orion Advisor Services
TD Ameritrade
Verity Asset Management