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Monthly Archives: August 2017


Forty-five years ago I had the best meal of my life in a restaurant called Taillevent. I had just graduated from college and was traveling through Europe looking for adventure. I linked up with my father in Paris, and he suggested that we have dinner at Taillevent. I don’t remember what I ate that

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It is not uncommon for advisors or their clients to ask about creating a certain level of yield in a portfolio, saying something like “I need a portfolio that yields 4% or 5% as that is what I plan to withdraw.” It is also not uncommon to see investment strategies tailored to these requests. Aft

Investment Management

Maybe you’re thinking about outsourcing to a third-party portfolio manager, but you’re not sure how to explain it to your clients. Actually, we get that a lot here at First Ascent. So, I surveyed a group of advisors who work with First Ascent to get their feedback. The consensus was that advisor

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